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JSLink and DataTables

February 17, 2015


Whenever I have to work with client side tabular data, I like to pull in DataTables since it is such a powerful plugin. For those of you who are not familiar with DataTables check the link or the info at the end of the post. SharePoint itself of course has its default way of presenting […]

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Versioning your SharePoint Apps using Team Foundation Server Team Builds

April 18, 2014


One of the cool features of Team Foundation Server is the ability to schedule and execute builds. This feature is simply known as “Team Builds” (or even shorter, just “Builds”) and provides some interesting extensibility points for doing Build Management. When it comes to build management, enabling  versioning on my SharePoint Apps is usually the […]

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SharePoint 2013 Solution Type Diagram

February 18, 2014

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Update May 16 2-2014: A recent announcement by the Office 365 team just made our architectural decisions for SharePoint Apps a little bit easier. Although the program was in Preview and you couldn’t submit Autohosted Apps in the Office Store, it was still an option in some (or rare) cases. Not anymore: the Office 365 […]

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Slide deck SharePoint Saturday Stockholm

January 26, 2014


I had the pleasure to speak on the SharePoint Saturday event in Stockholm. This (perfectly organized) event was held on January 25th 2014. The slide deck from my session on creating sustainable solutions with SharePoint 2013 is now available on SlideShare. Thanks all for who joined my session and thanks to the organizers for a […]

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Application Lifecycle Management – Improving Quality in SharePoint Solutions

October 4, 2013


Introduction “Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is a continuous process of managing the life of an application through governance, development and maintenance. ALM is the marriage of business management to software engineering made possible by tools that facilitate and integrate requirements management, architecture, coding, testing, tracking, and release management.” In this and future blog posts we […]

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Errors resizing a SharePoint 2013 App Part (Client Web Part)

April 27, 2013


Since SharePoint Client Web Parts are simply iFrames, resizing them from within your App logic (i.e. App.js) can be a little challenging. Fortunately Microsoft provides a way to do this dynamically using postmessages. More info on this can be found on MSDN. Basically, how this works is, you send a special ‘resize’ message to your […]

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Deploying and activating SharePoint 2013 themes using Visual Studio

March 24, 2013



Update: Times have changed since I wrote this article. The Office 365 Development Patterns and Practices (formerly known as AMS) now includes an excellent and more advanced example of theme management (including uploading themes): I won’t deny it… I never was a big fan of theming SharePoint sites. In MOSS this was implemented absolutely […]

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SharePoint Connections Amsterdam 2012 Slide Deck available

December 5, 2012


The slide deck from my session for SharePoint Connections Amsterdam 2012 was posted on the SPC site. Creating Sustainable Solutions With SharePoint 2013 Creating sustainable solutions is always daunting, whether you are a single developer or working as a member in a large team. Every type of project requires a specific approach, there are no […]

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Custom SharePoint Health Analyzer Rule for the ViewFormPagesLockdown feature

April 16, 2012

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SharePoint 2010 has a special hidden feature that ensures anonymous users with read access cannot view list and library form pages (i.e. “Forms/AllItems.aspx”). This feature is also known as SharePoint Lockdown mode and is automatically enabled on publishing sites. Especially on internet facing SharePoint sites, this feature ensures anonymous users stay out of certain area’s […]

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Core Results Web Part with configurable Ranking Model

September 1, 2011


Ranking Models are cool. If you don’t know what they can do for you, here’s a summary: SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Search uses ranking models to determine how data is weighed and results are ranked. Out of the box SharePoint 2010 provides different models, but you can also create your own. Creating your own ranking model […]

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