This is a blog about all things concerning SharePoint (hence the name). Although I did other posts on Microsoft SharePoint in the past in other areas, the release of the 2010 version made me decide to start fresh. Having worked with the product for a while now, I can truly say I am impressed with its features. Maybe not so obvious at first site, but the gap between MOSS 2007 and this version is huge. I will try to come up with articles covering the broad spectrum the SharePoint product targets.

A little bit of background info

I am a SharePoint Consultant working for Delta-N, an IT Services company based in the Netherlands (the Hague). Currently I have about 10+ years of experience in the Document Management and Business Process Management area. After having worked with enterprise products like Hummingbird/OpenText and Documentum, absolutely fell in love with the Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server product back in 2001. This product was not finished by far, but seemed promising to me at the time. Now several editions later, the product matured and I still love the generic approach Microsoft has with it.



Yuri Burger


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