SharePoint 2013 Storyboard Shapes for PowerPoint

Storyboarding allows you to use Microsoft PowerPoint to visualize your design. You will need Visual Studio Premium, Ultimate or Test Professional 2012/ 2013 to enable this feature in Powerpoint. Once you have it installed, a new Ribbon icon appears:


This icon will take you to the Storyboard Shapes. If you’re a SharePoint guy like me, you will be happy to see there is a “Backgrounds” category with SharePoint 2010 shape. Unfortunately there is no shape for SharePoint 2013, so I created a couple. You can download the extension here and comments are welcome! If I have time, I will add more Shapes so you might want to check back in a while.


More information about the Storyboarding feature:

Get the shapes here. You can import the shapes, using the import button on the ribbon: