Speaking at SharePoint Saturday Stockholm

On the 25th of January 2014 I will be speaking at SharePoint Saturday in Stockholm. The event was sold out in less than 2,5 hours! Hats off to the organizers for setting it up and creating such a stir! I am looking forward to travel to Stockholm in little over a month, so see you there!

More information: http://www.spsstockholm.com/2014/

Creating sustainable solutions with SharePoint 2013

Creating sustainable solutions is always daunting, whether you are a single developer or working as a member in a large team. Every type of project requires a specific approach, there are no silver bullets. Still, there are some considerations you should make with every new SharePoint development project to ensure proper developer workflow and the delivery of maintainable solutions.

In this session we will look at several tools and topics around SharePoint 2013, the different solution types and Team Foundation Server and how you can use them to enhance your development projects.
Topics covered:

  • The correct SharePoint solution type, basically “Farm v.s. Sandbox v.s. the App Model”
  • JavaScript and HTML frameworks, why and when to use
  • Solution Lifecycle Management
  • TFS supported development

Ask the Masters!

You might have these burning questions that you always wanted ask about SharePoint but never got to asking them. Or maybe you’ve been searching the internet for days but no one in the forums seem to know the answer? This is your chance!

On stage you will find a group of Microsoft Certified Masters that will try to answer all your questions, or at least point you into the right direction.

If you have a question already that you would like to see us address, mail it to spssthlm@outlook.com with subject “Ask the Masters” and we will pick the best ones out there.

Notice: It’s SharePoint related questions only 🙂

Speaker: Wictor Wilén, Paolo Pialorsi, Sam Hassani, Yuri Burger, Erwin van Hunen