Monthly Archives: April 2015

Slidedeck SharePoint Artifact Provisioning

The slidedeck and demo code from my Diwug (Dutch Information Worker User Group) session on SharePoint Artifact Provisioning are now available. Please note the slidedeck content is in Dutch. The source code from the session can be found here. Other links mentioned in the presentation: PowerShell Command Builder SPMeta2 Office 365 PnP SharePoint Automation by Gary Lapointe

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JSLink Noticeboard for SharePoint (Online)

SharePoint Client-side rendering allows you to easily change list views and forms. In a previous post I wrote about JSLink and DataTables and how you can use them together to create powerful tabular list views. This time another example that also shows how easy it is to radically change the way list items are rendered. Let’s create a noticeboard, a

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