Modern tools glossary

Solid list of modern developer tools (JS, frameworks, utilities, etc.)

The Road to ALM

Maybe I am getting old, maybe I am too busy with other stuff but the number of frameworks, tools and utilities has seemed to grow exponentially over the last years. As a Microsoft developer from “the early” I usually only had to worry about a new version of Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server or a new .Net Framework. This has changed dramatically. Especially now Microsoft shifts towards a cross-platform, multi device company, the embracement of non-microsoft and open source tools is even more.

Because I like to stay up to date, at least knowing what is around I created this small glossary where I try to plot technologies within a specific category. You will not find any details about the tools in this post, neither how to use them. It is merely an overview to put some things in perspective.

Will try to keep this post up-to-date. If you have…

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