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Does your project need blockchain?

Does your project need blockchain? Well probably not ๐Ÿ˜Š. I actually ended up in a meeting recently where a product manager asked the attendees in the room (most of them tech people): โ€œCan we fit blockchain somewhere in there or is that just not possible?โ€. As with all new buzzed IT stuff, this blockchain thing is no different. When it

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Blockchaingers Hackaton

The Blockchaingers hackathon is part of a year-long innovation-driven programme with twelve consecutive events, featuring thematic Deep Dives and track Deep Dives, from November to March. There are 64 teams from around the globe competing in 48 hours of hands-on, code-cracking, brain-twisting blockchain frenzy in order to solve global challenges on the spot. This year VX Company will participate with

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JavaScript Unit Tests with Visual Studio Team Services

TL;DR: JavaScript Unit Testing with VSTS using real browsers. We would like to run JavaScript unit tests; And we prefer a real browser for this, so no PhantomJS or equivalent; And run our tests from a Visual Studio Team Services build; VSTS hosted build agents donโ€™t have Chrome or Firefox installed; So things break; We fix this by providing a

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