Best wishes for 11111100010


2017 was a good year for me, but I think 2018 will be even better ๐Ÿ˜Š and I wish everyone the same!

After celebrating New Years Eve, we start a new year. This year I will be working with a lot of new tech (new for me that is) and this effects the topics I blog about. So, as a kind of heads up…… here is my New Yearโ€™s resolution:

Do more with Docker

I started to enjoy working with Docker solutions more and more and like to see some bigger projects enabled by this technology. For me this probably means continues software delivery pipelines with containers. I see: high velocity software delivery (canary releases), immediate feedback, immediate decisions. Multi vendor, multi cloud. Tools like

Programming Blockchain solutions

I spotted a few opportunities to work on blockchain projects last year and I like to take this a little further this year to see where it leads.

Cloud Architect certifications

I would like to finish up on my certifications from the 3 major cloud vendors:

  • Microsoft MCSE Cloud Platform and Infrastructure
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  • Google Cloud Architect

Why: multi cloud, multi vendor is a good mantra when designing the bigger solutions.

Share More

Stay in touch with colleagues and share knowledge. More blog posts and hopefully squeeze in a few speaking opportunities.

Enjoy 2018!