Blockchaingers Hackaton


The Blockchaingers hackathon is part of a year-long innovation-driven programme with twelve consecutive events, featuring thematic Deep Dives and track Deep Dives, from November to March. There are 64 teams from around the globe competing in 48 hours of hands-on, code-cracking, brain-twisting blockchain frenzy in order to solve global challenges on the spot.

This year VX Company will participate with a team of 8 in the “Global Identity Challenge”. Identity is the biggest international challenge and conditional to ‘get right’, when building new blockchain-based solutions for our planet. Blockchain-applications will really lift off when no central authority or other party has ownership of your identity. It must be you, and you must control who gets to do what with your (identity)data.

Being totally in charge of your personal digital identity leads to new possibilities in interaction and it facilitates doing business worldwide in a safe, easy and trusted way. The goal of the Global Digital Identity challenge is to gain bleeding edge insights into identity on the blockchain, and to build a working prototype that have incorporates those new insights.

This track is supported by the Dutch Ministry of the Interior, responsible for Identity-policy in the Netherlands. The Ministry wants to invite, stimulate and co-develop new Identity opportunities and solutions.

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