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Getting started with SonarQube and TypeScript

Update The source code with this post was updated to reflect the new SonarTS version 1.2 and SonarQube version 6.7. For more information on how to extend the basic scenario with code coverage, see this post: Better together: SonarQube, TypeScript and Code Coverage SonarSource recently released an official first version of a static code analyzer for TypeScript. So if you want

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Login to Umbraco BackOffice using IdentityServer4

This post will work through the details in setting up IdentityServer4 and Umbraco to enable the OWIN Identity features of the Umbraco BackOffice. Disclaimer: I have been working with content management systems for a very long time (Microsoft Content Management Server anyone 😊), but Umbraco was pretty new to me. These blog posts are my personal notes and reminders, but

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SPS Oslo 2016 Slidedeck and code available here

Thank you SPS Oslo organizers, vendors and attendees for another great event! You can find the slidedeck and code from our session on Architectural Changes and Developer Decisions here. Slidedeck: Code: Cheers! Jan Steenbeek/ Yuri Burger

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Speaking at SharePoint Saturday Oslo

On October 22 Jan Steenbeek and I will be speaking at the SharePoint Saturday Oslo event. We hope to see you there! Architectural Choices and Developer Comfort The SharePoint and Office 365 ecosystem is changing rapidly. It seems that frameworks are on sale every other week and our tools get deprecated as we speak. A challenging time for all developers, not

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