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A Dependency Track Dashboard Widget for Azure DevOps

This post is about adding a widget to your Azure DevOps Dashboard showing the Dependency Track information on one or more of your projects. If you are unaware what a great product Dependency Track is, I would suggest a detour and read up on it here: TL;DR OWASP Dependency Track software is described as a “Software Supply Chain Component

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Canary deployments with just Azure DevOps

Logo Canary with Azure DevOps

Well, with Azure DevOps and Azure Kubernetes Service. But that’s it, no additional software required. Although there are plenty 3rd party solutions out there that address canary deployments, you might just get it done using “just” Azure DevOps. And in some cases, less is actually more! But to be fair, these other solutions provide a more holistic approach when it

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Let Azure DevOps deploy a Spring Boot application to Azure Kubernetes Service

What are we trying to accomplish? Azure runs a very decent Kubernetes service these days. I have used it as the main infrastructure in a couple of projects and am quite impressed. Impressed enough to even suggest it as the target platform for our largest projects ๐Ÿ˜Š So letโ€™s take a typical Java project, a project consisting of one or

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Use your own build container image to create containerized apps

Say you want to use an Azure DevOps pipeline to build your containerized app. This scenario is of course supported and you would leverage all the built-in stuff (built-in container image, default container tasks, hosted build agent, etc.). You can even choose between the UI or YAML to configure the build pipeline. But what if you cannot work with the

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