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Release Management with InRelease

Originally posted on Jasper Gilhuis:
In this post I will highlight the latest addition to the Visual Studio product suite, InRelease. This Release Management tool, which was recently acquired by Microsoft, is meant for bridging the gap between Development and Operations by providing a clear, repeatable, automated deployment procedure. This post has been written with the knowledge that in a…

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Problem: Unable to save SharePoint Designer 2010 Data Source

Problem: Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 doesn’t allow you to add or edit a datasource, but also doesn’t list any existing Data Sources? This one had me for a moment, because the message was not very descriptive: “Unable to save Data Source”. Be sure to check for any existing configuration files located in the ~site\_catalogs\fpdatasources directory. If there is a xml configuration

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This is a blog about all things concerning SharePoint (hence the name). Although I did other posts on Microsoft SharePoint in the past in other areas, the release of the 2010 version made me decide to start fresh. Having worked with the product for a while now, I can truly say I am impressed with its features. Maybe not so

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