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Slidedeck SharePoint Artifact Provisioning

The slidedeck and demo code from my Diwug (Dutch Information Worker User Group) session on SharePoint Artifact Provisioning are now available. Please note the slidedeck content is in Dutch. The source code from the session can be found here. Other links mentioned in the presentation: PowerShell Command Builder SPMeta2 Office 365 PnP SharePoint Automation by Gary Lapointe

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Versioning your SharePoint Apps using Team Foundation Server Team Builds

One of the cool features of Team Foundation Server is the ability to schedule and execute builds. This feature is simply known as “Team Builds” (or even shorter, just “Builds”) and provides some interesting extensibility points for doing Build Management. When it comes to build management, enabling  versioning on my SharePoint Apps is usually the first thing I do when

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Deploying and activating SharePoint 2013 themes using Visual Studio

Update: Times have changed since I wrote this article. The Office 365 Development Patterns and Practices (formerly known as AMS) now includes an excellent and more advanced example of theme management (including uploading themes): https://github.com/OfficeDev/PnP I won’t deny it… I never was a big fan of theming SharePoint sites. In MOSS this was implemented absolutely awful and the SharePoint 2010

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Get SharePoint Health Score using PowerShell

If you look at the HTTP headers SharePoint 2010 adds to a response you might notice the one that is called “X-SharePointHealthScore”. This special header is used in conjunction with HTTP throttling and ranges in value from 0 to 10. By default this score is calculated using two performance counters: Memory/Available Mbytes and ASP.NET/Requests Current. A value “0” indicates everything

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